Begin to learn how to create fractals with this Fractal Tutorial Introduction - Amazing Seattle Fractals! You will find the Download link for Tiera-zon low on the page in a red written link "here" under How do I get started making fractals? and tutorials to follow on the next pages ..

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Hot 3D Fractals by Johan Andersson

Hot Fractals by Johan Andersson. Johan Andersson aka Mandelwerk is a creative digital artist based in Sweden.



The Crimson Glade by lindelokse

Artist Chiara Biancheri is an Italin artist who creates wonderful fractals with Apophysis flames since

"Mobius Wave" is full of simple elegance and infinite complexity.

Mobius Wave This fractal is made with Made with a classic mobius pattern ( mobius + 5 linears) and cylinder + pre_blur for linking eac.