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Naomily is back

Naomi & Emily Photo: Naomily Behind the scenes


naomi and emilly kiss skins 2 generation

I want a Vespa. Bad.

Naomy and Emily - Skins

Skins - Naomi and Emily.

Skins - Naomi and Emily.

Naomily Rooftop Scene

Naomily Rooftop Scene I freaking cried

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I love Cassie

Why, yes. Yes I do.

This Naomily moment is perfection

Naomi & Emily Generation two of Skins UK

Naomi Emily (Skins U.

Girls Like Girls (2015), d. Austin S. Winchell & Hayley Kiyoko, d.p. Chris Saul

Hayley Kiyoko 'Girls Like Girls' Music Video - Cinematography by Chris Saul

The Girls from Generation 1 to 3. :)  Jal Frazer, Emily Fitch, Mini McGuiness, Michelle Richardson, Katie Fitch, Franky Fitzgerald, Cassie Ainsworth, Naomi Campbell, Liv Malone, Effy Stonem, Pandora Moon & Grace Blood.  Aren't they all lovely? xx

The Girls from Generation 1 to :) Jal Frazer, Emily Fitch, Mini McGuiness…

Naomi and Emily, Skins.

Naomi and Emily, just missing Skins

Lily (Naomi)

Emily and Naomi are so cute

I always love this image, it cracks me up how intently Emily is listening to whatever Naomi is explaining

Skins Fire broke my heart.


Kaya Scodelario as Elizabeth „Effy“ Stonem in Skins

The ship is real

What better way to celebrate the much anticipated new season with a little OITNB inspired drinking game?

Reason # 53

ESV Endorsed By Lesbians

US Cadet Nurse Corps recruiting poster, WWII era, ca.