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Placebo: Max Strength is a box containing sugar pills that are "as effective as the leading homeopathic treatment" according to its creator, UK humorist Da

Are Placebos unethical- - - This article disuses how the use of prescribed sugar pills are unethical. Doctors have prescribed people with hypertension. http://search.proquest.com/healthmanagement/docview/228809656/D20433BF86F9473BPQ/11?accountid=9936

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"The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect" by Daniel Keogh, aka Professor Funk, is an animated rundown of the curious properties of the placebo effect. via Ronen V

The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect Cartoon Things we do when we are meant to be getting work done. Good for a chuckle regardless - http://www.rankwell.com.au/

Most people are familiar with the concept of a “placebo effect”, the perception of improved health while unknowingly receiving a sham (placebo) treatment that in reality should have no benefit at a…

For Those With Resolutions

For Those With Resolutions

WebMD, helpful and panic inducing all at the same time. I beat death again WebMD.

Let the free market work!    Terms and conditions apply. Definitions of "free" may vary. Anyone who disagrees is a socialist and should be marginalized and ignored immediately.    [click on this image to find a South Park episode and analysis of capitalist consumerism]

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