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Next time you find yourself out and about listening to music on your headphones- you might just be serving as inspiration for one of Yanni Floros' ill.

L'empatia è la capacità del nostro cervello emotivo di leggere o percepire i pensieri e i sentimenti degli altri. Come funziona?

kristina Webb "And then all of sudden she changed. She came back a completely different person with a new mindset, a new outlook, a new soul. The girl that once cared too much, about everyone and everything, no longer cared at all"

Panda & Maiden Ink Illustrations: I Never Used Ink Before And I Truly Enjoyed It

Symbiosis by June Leeloo (juneleeloo), from the Series Pandamonium, on NeonMob

Sara Ligari

"Tiziano the sphynx" Drawing by Sara Ligari posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Drawing art prints and posters in the ARTFLAKES shop.

About A Girl  5x7 by belafontesbunsa

Have you seen Emma Leonard’s artwork before? Emma is a Melbourne-based artist who, as she puts it herself, ‘draws girls’. Oh, and what a beautiful job she does of it, too. Emma co…