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Why we love Merlin

Arthur's face when he sees Merlin juggling all like "Coordination?

Do you know what this scene means? It means that Arthur was comfortable enough to step from behind the screen IN FRONT OF MERLIN. That's why he goes "You're not Merlin! Merlin has scene Arthur naked!

why would you do this to me. ): /weeps #merlin

Weep, little lion man. / The first and the last time Merlin saw Arthur.

Magic is alone. Courage has left, and all Strength is gone. Magic is alone.

Courage has left, and all Strength is gone. Abandoned by the world, by friends, only magic remains

Merlin- this part kills me every time.

Merlin is such a powerful character. At the moment when Merlin takes the actions he knows his destiny requires to save Camelot, he still feels pain and sorrow as he defeats those who pose the greatest threat, because he cares that much. He's Merlin.

Arthur has returned to Camelot.

Merlin AU where Kilgharrah is human and Arthur returns - I want this to happen!

The Wicked Day  ~Merlin~

Arthur and Merlin. Loved this scene. best friendship in the world! Though I do also ship Merthur so that may be biased.

Oh it hurts :'(

My favorite episode and all of its moments. I was so wonderful yet heartbreaking.

I hate pinterest of reminding me of this. THAT WAS THE SADDEST THING I EVER HEARD

I still haven't been able to watch the end of series 5 again. I didn't think it was possible to become as attached to characters as I did when I watched Merlin.

Um, could we also mention the look on Morgana's face!?  She looked so betrayed! It was awful.

I literally just finished watching this episode. Like, ten minutes ago.