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The Strypes - What A Shame (new single) - CRAZY!  Laurea ad honorem in rock 'n rollogy NOW!!!! THIS IS THE ROCK AND ROLL OUR FATHERS TAUGHT US!

What A Shame -- The Strypes -- Snapshot -- "They said his hair would be better if he coloured it black, and that he wouldn't sound as harsh if he could tone it all back" -- ah yes .

"For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield.  Legendary 1960s protest song. Our generation was FED UP with the Establishment.

This Day in Music April Buffalo Springfield made their live debut, Alice Cooper, Oasis released their first single 'Supersonic', Robbie Williams raised at a charity auction,

I'm going through concert with drawls

Concerts and music festivals are one of the happiest places in the world -- listening to your favorite band with a thousand other fans. Music brings people together and creates unforgettable bonds.

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress-The Hollies (With Lyrics). I'm not certain if all of these lyrics are correct. God, what a good song though.

The Hollies - Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress (With Lyrics) Today's Classic Rock Corner.

Money - Pink Floyd. Dude... have you ever, like, folded a dollar bill and made George Washington's head into a mushroom? Blew my frickin' mind, man!

Money - Pink Floyd HD (Studio Version) Pink Floyd Money Money - Pink Floyd from the Dark Side of the moon in HD quality [Lyrics] Money Get away You get a good job with good pay and you're okay Money It's a gas Gra.

Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl.  Read that Van Morrison was not happy with the production of this song, he said he has "300 songs that are better".  Go figure.

Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl lyrics video - Classic song that makes me dance alone in my kitchen. Literally I was dancing in my kitchen to this song by myself and decided to pin it hehe.

The Strypes

Loving the new school - rock Strypes

The Strypes @ Vorst Nationaal (support act For Arctic Monkeys)

The Strypes

The Strypes