Zerochan has 46 Greninja anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Greninja is a character from Pokémon.

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When Gengar Mega Evolves into Mega Gengar, its Sp. Atk rises significantly, putting it in the top tier of all Pokémon. Mega Gengar's unblinking third eye allows it to see into other dimensions.


The two longest and coolest legendary Pokemon IN the Pokemon universe and they are the strongest ever

~Mega Eeveelutions~ Artist: Godzilla1030 (devianart)

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Pokemon Go Team Valor - Candela  Art by Wil Woods of Musetap

Pokemon Go Team Valor - Candela Art by Wil Woods of Musetap

Pokemon action shot

Aura Sphere by ishmam on deviantART. One of my favorite pokemon