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Harry Styles

Harry Styles *o*

What's up with Harry Styles and One Direction all over Pinterest? Got no problem about it.

I don't know why, but I have this weird obsession with his facial expressions when he hits a note.

Harry Styles! Okay Harry are you trying to kill me here?! He also got emotional when Lea Michelle came out on stage to do a short speech about Cory Monteith's sudden death this summer. Harry you are brave honey. Love you! :)

I am going to have a shoutout spree.so, if you guys want to be tagged, please comment. :) I will post it tomorrow, promise.

harrystylesdaily: “The One Show - May ”

harry styles gif | Tumblr

When people actually ask m how I can watch a GIF from a cupcake. This is a cupcake-GIF.

Um, Harry. You just killed half of the female population...with your smile. Why am I talking I'm dead...

He's so handsome<<<< tbh am i the only one who finds it really weird to call them hot? Because i dont think they are hot i belive they are adorable. I live them to death but i feel wierd call them hot tbh , anyone else ?