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lol this place is where I'm from and I drive past it all the time...how did I never see this sign!!

I'll drink to that!

Beer has NEVER been cheaper than gas.if you can't do THAT math, don't drink.and while you're at it, don't ever drive.

Canadian road sign

Canadian road sign

Funny pictures about Canadian road sign. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian road sign. Also, Canadian road sign.

Необычный дизайн обычной мебели: пьяный стол, стул-осьминог, подвесной диван, кровать-качалка и многое другое.    Кровать «уютное гнездышко».  Человек творческий не пройдет мимо креатива в любом его проявлении, черпая вдохновение в окружающих его предметах.

This great collection of furniture design has been made by Straight Line Designs. The man behind Straight Line Designs is Judson Beaumont, he is based in Vancouver, BC and founded the company in There are not many design teams like these gu

10 Hilarious Road Signs You Won't Believe Existed! So funny! Click to be shocked and amazed! #lol #spon

10 Hilarious Road Signs That Actually Exist

35 WTF Signs - Collection of funny and weird signs that are idiotic, bizarre and some that are kind of cool. Funny and Crazy Pictures, funny videos, flash games


Funny pictures about No alcohol beyond this point. Oh, and cool pics about No alcohol beyond this point. Also, No alcohol beyond this point.

I'd expect nothing less.

I HAAATTTEEE these pictures. Just one picture and they think they're going to grow up "FABULOUS" for all we know this kid could be the shyest thing in the world

This got me for some reason...

Funny pictures about Beware of the worms. Oh, and cool pics about Beware of the worms. Also, Beware of the worms.

There is one specific line in here. When you read it, you will know why I repinned. And tagged you. @Addie Corrigan

Punny Animal Kingdom

Funny pictures about Punny Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Punny Animal Kingdom. Also, Punny Animal Kingdom photos.

Similar to Boston intersections.

These hilarious photos of funny street signs are a true humor treasure. Lots of funny traffic signs, street and road names for you to enjoy

Just some signs that went up at my workplace - Imgur

Just some signs that went up at my workplace

Soup of the Day!

I think the handwriting or font used for 'Soup of the Day' and "The tears of our enemies' both work really well. The soup font is flowy and has good depth while the tears font is just very blunt and more harsh. Together, they are fantastic.