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Christmas Candy Carolers

Marshmallow Snowmen  Stack two large marshmallows with a toothpick. Use tiny dots of frosting as glue to decorate the snowmen with sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate wafers, and other small treats. Group the snowmen on a silver platter with mini marshmallows and sugar for snow.

Clever Christmas Candy Decorations


Christmas Candy Carolers

If you have the patience for a gingerbread house, that's great. If not, you can stack chocolates on pretzels and call it a day.

These gingerbread houses are so charming, you'll want them to last all season long.

Gingerbread Houses and No-Bake Cookie Cottages

White fondant makes sweet snowmen that will last throughout the season. Dye small amounts of fondant orange and red to create the carrot noses and scarves.

cake balls! by Slimwithsly

Ornament Cake Balls, christmas ornament cake pops - would need to find an alternative to PB cups ?

I Wonder What Christmas is Like in Heaven... | Candy Buffet Weddings and Events |

Christmas is the sweetest holiday of the year - literally! It doesn't get more delicious than there Christmas Candy Trees. Use bristol board to save money on this easy Christmas craft.

Make It: Stack two white gumdrops to make the snow people's bodies and insert a toothpick vertically down the center; top with a colored gumdrop and gummy ring to make a hat. Wrap a sour gummy worm in between the two gumdrops to make a scarf. Dip a toothpick in orange food coloring for the nose, and insert two toothpicks as arms.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Decorations Kids Can Make