River Phoenix reading. He just seemed so real, very down to earth.

River Phoenix as James Wright in the film ‘The Thing Called Love’,

River Phoenix

I actually have this River Phoenix Seventeen issue at home. My Big Sister got it in the and when she moved out she was going to throw out all her old .

That face! I can't! I just cry every. single. time. Running on Empty starring River Phoenix

I just cry every. Running on Empty starring River Phoenix

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River in Little Nikita. Out of all the films I've seen so far, he looks the best in this one.

River Phoenix

here you'll find mostly river phoenix, johnny depp, anthony kiedis and other pretty faces.


"It really makes me happy when people write to me and tell me how they've been effected by my work. The most rewarding thing about being an actor is to get a letter from someone who's really indentified with a character you've played and.