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Past & Future

previous pinner < Jaime looked at Maggie and spoke, "You're weird." Maggie's smile faded and she looked down in slight shame, "Sorry." But then Jaime smiled at her in admiration, "no, that was a compliment.

Rumple would be explaining his future by saying that he promises to love me forever, and that he's going to try to stay good. I'd be explaining it as wanting to get a Yellow Lab, get married, and have a baby soon.

Now imagine they're talking about a future they know they'll never have. But bear with me, that actually happened to my OTP. Well, it DID lead to the best scene ever.

Sometimes I think we have a love-hate relationship. @shawncumella

Dumb question.

How about a punk rock ballet dancer who listens to Celtic music and reads fantasy novels?<<Also, how about a tomboyish nerd who listens to Fall Out Boy and reads historical novels

Writing prompt: #dialogue prompt #5

Writing prompt: "Watch your step. I'd rather not clean up another exploded body today.

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