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big brother is watching you

Filthy Luker

Whimsical Street Art Street artist Filthy Luker and his art attacks are fantastic as well as this huge collection of anthropomorphic objects called Street Life.

Creative Art Involving a Tree  -- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor

Hovering Tree Illusion by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany trees street art optical illusion

buildings also have emotions...

The Living Wall: Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz turns derelict buildings into faces - Telegraph

Resistência..this has got to be my favourite pin. Something about it strikes a chord.

Who says resistance is futile? Resistance creates change and change is inevitable.

"Skin"     I smiled....  :)

Mehmet Ali Uysal: "Skin"

Sculpture by Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal in Chaudfontaine Park, Liege, Belgium. A giant clothespin sculpture appears to be holding on to a mound of dirt.

Theresa Himmer Iceland #glitter drip street art

Theresa Himmer Iceland glitter drip street art// Glitter on the walls? I love iceland!

Esclif street art — Designspiration

Giant On/Off Switch Mural. Spanish street artist escif recently painted this giant on/off switch on the side of a building in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.

Sjov streetart / hærværk

Street Art Where most of us would walk by and ignore this ugly space some very talented people give us a reason to stop, look and smile. Street Art Utopia click and check them out.