I LOVE YOU reactions by Kibbitzer

Hi guyyyys! Have you ever said/heard "I love you"? does this drawing make you recall a memory? (or a vietnam flashback) this reference sheet is free and full for everybody!

Comm: Hell expression meme by Noiry.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Commissioned by Hell, I think he's pretty passionate haha Comm: Hell expression meme

Blush meme emotions expressions tumblr

deeppink-man: “ I love the expressions when people fall in love. So, I’ve studied a blushing face for a long time. Enjoy the meme!

Aging Reference Sheet 2 by *Kibbitzer Here we go with the female version! Today is my birthday DAMN. the worst day to draw a “memento mori” X’“D btw this one was hard, I need more practice.I’m sorry I hope this example will help you with your.

Comm: L-Ice expression meme by Noiry

Commission for More expression charts This time L-Ice Comm: L-Ice expression meme