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mille crepe alla namelaka al cioccolato bianco

mille crepe with namelaka of white chocolate

crepe di fave e peperoni cruschi

crepe di fave e peperoni cruschi

peperoni cruschi e crepe

peperoni cruschi e crepe

Mocha Mille Crepe

We have found the most delicious matcha green tea recipes possible for you to try. Every matcha recipe is simple, delicious and sure to impress your friends.

Mille crepe from Food Foundry, Malaysia

Food Foundry @ Petaling Jaya

Mille crepes are the best cakes out there!! Having a hazelnut one now omnomnomnom =u=

Layer tummies with French tiered constructions of whole mille crepe cakes at light-hearted snacking sessions with friends, family, or alter-egos.

A Baked Creation: Mille Crêpes Cake

My pancake loving husband might like this crepe cake - Mille Crepes Cake.

Crepes Cake - crepes layered with pastry cream and topped with a caramelized sugar http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Grand-Marnier-Crepe-Cake-241754

Mille Crepes Cake More than twenty layers of lacy, whisper-thin handmade crêpes envelop pastry cream kissed with sweetness, and are crowned with a caramelized sugar topping. Lady M's signature creation is heaven on a cake plate.

Vanilla Mille Crepe

Recipe: Mille Crepe with Vanilla Cream Custard ~ You must scroll down for the English version


Treat of the Week: Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Crepe

Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Crepe~ Thin layers of chocolatey crepes separated by light hazelnut cream drenched in chocolate glaze.