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Miss Sue cousait de drôles de robes !

The Herero (meaning "to throw an assegai") people are related to the Bantu people and speak a Bantu language.

Beautiful patchwork dresses are worn by the Herero people of Namibia. Photographs by Jim Naughten

A Herero woman demonstrating the cow dance. Although relatively little is know about the precise origins and meaning of the dance, it signals the centrality of cattle to Herero culture. (c) Jim Naughten, courtesy of Klompching Gallery, New York

Victorian Namibia

Why The Women of This African Tribe Dress in Victorian Era Fashion

Their remarkable ensembles of the Herero women amidst the hot African environment include heavy voluminous empire line dresses with numerous petticoats and puffy gigot sleeves on the arms, typical of century western fashion.

Herero in Opuwo, Namibia

Passing Through Opuwo, Namibia. Some of these photos were taken through the windshield of the car, while we were getting petrol.

Herero woman. The Herero are an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Southern Africa.

The Herero are an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Southern Africa in Namibia.

Comforting a friend

Jim Naughten: Hereros

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Scandinavian folk costume / The shawl looks Russian, must be a southern SAMPTI Bunad. But the Red wrap -- is unfamiliar to me.