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Shes disgusted by me. That I am too soft and sensitive. And a girly lesbian instead of a hetro male.

the arcanum alchemist is so named for the alchemical tattoos snaking up her arms, but under the ishvalan ink (only removable from the juice of the same plant that made the ink, just as the antidote for being poisoned by said plant is made out of it)

Flame, fallen from the Upper Realms, must travel the wheel until she cycles through. She takes on human form, detaching more and more from her true nature as she passes life to life.

mother killed 15 saviors but daughter kills for fun (poppy&her daughter clementine)

disabilityuserboxes: “this user has problems controlling aggressive/homicidal impulses ”

That's what a lot of Hummingbird Summer is about. But it's also about not just making it through. It's about living. Living fully, even when your world is falling apart.

" I recalled the scar on Oscar's wrist, the scars down Asten's back, and the scar across Addelai's lips. I recalled the scars littering Liam's face. "It's okay," I told her. "All the strongest people do.

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I'm at a very Christian style wedding with many Christians and I'm anxious being a secret atheist \(°o°;)

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You don't need to change coz you're not horrible to me. everyone goes through intense time. sometime I'm soo horrible my mum can hardly bear me😅 haha But we can try and be nice to each other if we wanna stay together💖

every second post on my tfc board is about knives but i just need this one

❥ in school today we got a lecture about appropriate knife sizes to have on campus.