Teen Wolf / Stiles - haha exactlyyyy. Forget the supernatural stuff- WHY DOESNT ANYONE WANT STILES?!

Like the most accurate thing I've ever read about this show. That is definitely the strangest thing about Beacon Hills

And shelley is 30! She's Derek's niece and a high schooler and is 5 years older than him

once I first saw this I was like what Tyler Hoechlin is the adult how are all these people who play teens in the show, are older then him?

Teen Wolf

Me: I thought your first love was always your best. Jeff Davis: Well, not really. Allison and Paige died in the arms of Scott and Derek, their first loves. Me: Jeff Davis you just crushed everything I believe in


Perfect boys only exist in teen wolf! And Marvel and dean and Andy I say both are right. Boys in books are great, but I think boys in teen wolf may have them beat