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Luigi Pirandello, 1935.

Luigi Pirandello, 1935.

Pino Cacucci. #bookfaces

Pino Cacucci. #bookfaces

Estirpe de la cripta, Clark Ashton Smith: Escarba, escarba, escarba - http://www.fabulantes.com/2013/11/estirpe-de-la-cripta-clark-ashton-smith/

Clark Ashton Smith - atmospheric horror writer from the early century - I loved his work!


Negyven év után sem tisztul a köd a Pasolini-ügyben

Leo Tolstoy

Protestant reformation short essay about life Oct 2006 · An essay on the Reformation, in relation to the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation, in short, a strong emphasis.

Katherine Mansfield (1888 - 1923)

Katherine Mansfield (born 14 October, died 9 January, pictured above in a 1912 photograph ‘The tide was out; the beach was deserted; lazily flopped the warm sea. The sun beat down, beat down hot and fiery on the fine sand, baking the grey.