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~Ву: ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡ ≫[Infinitybabe01]≪

QOTD : whats ur favorite disney character? AOTD: my favorite disney princess is rapunzel, Elsa and Merida and favourite other stuff is stich and MALIFICANT!

Peter Pan

Disney's Peter Pan - think of all the joy you'll find as you fly through the stars to Neverland

I made this meme after watching Frozen for the first Time! #hilarious

i have no skull or bone. and you might want to check out other Best Frozen Quotes/Meme With Netizens Twists!

I always loved Steve and Aladdin. I remember when I found he voiced Aladdin, I was bubbling over with joy

19 Things You Might Not Know About “Aladdin”

Steve from Full House. How did I not catch this? Addian is my favorite Disney movie and Full house is my favorite TV show

MOoThis is going to be my board of cool paintings, photography, just random art that i seek, & love.

7 Ways To Find And Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

The Earth Without Art is Just Eh. That means Canadians aren't good at art, eh ;

Hi, I just made a tumblr account and was hoping someone could suggest some people I could follow? My usernames @blossomay

This is aggravating because that's not the path the moon and earth take help it makes me frustrated inside!