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" "The priestess of a sister tribe," Dimeke replied, "She was born on the day the priestess died and they believe the priestess' soul entered her and was born again." "And she is Meshan?

Graphisme aux feutres sur photocopie couleur

Le look rock Little Eleven Paris


Toys in the Attic- photography by Cleo Sullivan; Styling by Michael Onofrio // just the kind of weird shit I would do with my kids.

Déguisement petite indienne

Série Mode : Mind The Cashmere

Série Mode : Mind The Cashmere. Photos et Style : Danielle Owen.

Dandy boy ☞ Plus de contenu sur www.milkmagazine.fr Direction artistique : Liz Sheppard Photos : Luca Zordan Style : Nadia Ronchi Mise en beauté : Jade Legatt Modèles : Brooke et Danny

Série mode : Dandy Boy

Série Mode : Double Trouble. Style : Irmela Schwengler. Photos : Julia Blank.

Série Mode : Double Trouble

Double Trouble for MILK Magazine Photos : Julia Blank, Style : Irmela Schwengler, Hair & Make Up: Rahel Täubert, Models: Mona & Meret/ brodybookings