Beauty is deep skined

"Her skin was black, like coal, like pitch. Not just dark brown, inky black that seemed even darker next to the gold and silver of her mismatched eyes.

The calm. The collected. The normal. This is what they call man kind. Except I'm not one. I'm weird with colors covering every inch of my body. There's more of me. We're called the bionics. And we are not part of mankind.

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crystal-black-babes: Gorgeous Brown Goddess Face - Stella Vaudran - Most Supreme Black Faces Galleries: Stella Vaudran

Love the veil addition

Photographer: Gregory Regini I love the expression, and the costume and the horns! The horns!


Dulce Ruby Peralta put in scene as Indian Holy(wo)man by Nicole Chew (make up, hair), Jadie Kadletz (styling) and Sven Dreesbach (photography).

Beautiful eyes. Extreme eye makeup. Fantasy face makeup. Amazing lip designs. All very inspiring for a professional photographer based in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Fantasy makeup technique could be applied to many different creatures