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Starbucks nails ❤ ho has time to do this but still cute!

A Typical white Girl that Loves Star Bucks <--- i never rewrite these things but that's racist . i'm black and would kill for starbucks .

Starbucks! Pic from - canadiannailfanaticdotblogspotdotca/2014/03/digit-al-does-brands-day-2dothtml

Who else here is obsessed with Starbucks. Or who else gets offended when people say "What is the point of Starbucks". Here are the nails for the girl who's Starbucks is StarBae

Wow these are amazing

Cool Tribal Nail Art Ideas and Designs. Work to mark rites of passage, helped identify family members or work as a charm to ward off evil spirits. Wonderful for festive or special occasions.

Muy bonito dise

First Halloween nailsssss🎃 🔮👻💀 Cute mix and match (I've seen quite a few, but this was mostly inspired by using "Bikini Coral" and "Black Holy"💅 For those of you curious, I did opposite colored polka dots on my thumb. 🎥Tutorials coming soon😉