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Cats are massive jerks.

Funny pictures about Cats vs. Oh, and cool pics about Cats vs. Also, Cats vs.

Harmless, Need Protection ... Wow: And You Laugh About It? ... That I´m An Enchanting Cheeky, More Dangerous Than A Monkey With An Ak-47? .... I Feel Devastated, What Can I Say? ... Everybody Knows: Shy, Introvert, Few Words, Modest .. I Open Up My Heart For You, And That´s What I Get? ... Devastated, Terrible ... Oh, Ok ... There We Go ... That´s Much Better ... :)

Amazing Cat Island in Japan

So cute... 16 Faces of Pure Joy Captured by Geeky Photographers - TechEBlog

16 Faces of Pure Joy- to be honest, I would like that happy if I got to ride an ostrich because, hey, I'd be riding an ostrich!

This is one cool kitty.

Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

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