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Have a long night

At first I thought Jack eats only children. Sally(c)Kiki-Hyuga Ben Drowned (c) Judusable Laughing Jack / Grossman (c) Snuff Bomb Mystique © X-MEN Of c.

I know I'm actually doing a LOT of flames but... it's just that I wanted to see if I could mix Jack, the eternal monochrome psycho we all love, with bright colors... And... I'm not gonna lie, I rea...

Nathan the Nobody / Laughing Jack / Jeff the Killer The creepypastas that got long black hair. I luv man with long hair. like thor. ----------------------- Nathan (c) IvyDarkRose 

Okay, BEST PIN EVER!! From top to bottom, it's Slenderman, Ticci Toby, Laughing Jack (L.J.), Masky, BEN Drowned, Hoodie, Jeff the Killer, and finally E.J. (Eyeless Jack)

Creepypasta Family- I think I can name them! Slender, Ticci Toby Laughing Jack,Masky,Ben Drowned Jeff the Killer, and Eyless Jack!

ben drownded, laughing jack, jason the toy maker, candy pop

Creepypasta-Jeff the killer, Ben Drowned, Laughing Jack, Jason the Toy Maker, Candy Pop and the doll maker


Laughing Jack, Pinkie Pie, Squidward Suicide, Evil Mickie Mouse and more Creepypastas scared me in Creepypasta Land, a really fun game with many of the Creep.

Jack stop with that smile it's giving me a werid feeling

::C R E E P Y P A S T A:: Jeff The Killer Belongs to his rightful owner (c) Creepypasta Eyeless Jack belongs to his rightful owner (c) Creepypasta Artwork done by

Creepypasta Collage May 2017 by 0ktavian.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

oops I skipped April xD My new fav thing to do is redrawing popular Supernatural scenes to pasta lmao, those are really lazy drawn tho. Creepypasta Collage May 2017

Laughing Jack ---- I really like this picture, but I've always imagined him thinner.

once again, to even out the creepy and the cute stuff in my page I believe not all of my watchers enjoy the cute creepypasta. Some deviants watched me for the creepy creepypasta and not the cute on.

Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack

Word of advice: NEVER correct Jeff. This was a quick idea. Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack-Comic 19