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A Royal Flush: Theres nothing better than a pun with a nice ring to it. How about taking a leak in my Royal Flush urinals? Just don't forget to flush!

iPoo xD

New Apple iShit Toilet Bowl - Leave it to Apple to Reinvent the Bathroom: I can't wait to buy one of these. Nothing like crapping on an apple product. Now apple

this is awesome!! keith would never leave---this isMan cave. This is the ultimate garage bathroom. Where do you get the most reading done?

Maybe who likes reading says yes. This toilet must be made by a big fan of reading and just don't want to waste time even in toilet, so create a funny library in the toilet.

癒し|hiro space -居住空間-

Handmade Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table - love this! OR we could do 3 full barrels and line the middle of a big dining room table :)

Mictório em forma de guitarra.    A Billboard Music Brasil desenvolveu um mictório em forma de guitarra onde é possível tocar o instrumento à medida que o “usuário” da engenhoca urina dentro dele.  Através de pressões diferentes em cordas diferentes posicionadas dentro do mictório, várias notas são executadas e transmitidas até um amplificador que fica localizado acima da (propriamente intitulada) Guitar Pee. E o mais legal, é possível baixar seu “Mpee3″ depois!

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN - Guys, you can "play" this guitar urinal while you're relieving yourself--I DO NOT want this in my bathroom, but I had to post it! This would be a great gift for Andy's Man cave!

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What to say about creative people. Creative people are so creative that don't leave toilets too. Here I have collected 30 most funny and creative toilets around the world.

Cozy•Stylish•Chic - Inspiring design, decor and fashion. The "spoon"  Urinal.

Soil: a sanitary drainage term referring to the waste from urinals, water closets, and fixtures of similar function

world's largest restroom

These Are Brilliant Bathroom Designs: Pictures

World's Largest Restroom Location /// Chongqing, China Background: With 1000 toilets, square feet, and four stories, this bathroom is the largest in the world.