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"Retreat by Recoil" the 9th Massachusetts battery fights a rear guard action by the Trostle farm, at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863.

Retreat by Recoil by Don Troiani: Massachusetts Battery fights a rear guard action at the Trostle Farm in Gettysburg, July 1863

"The 9th New York Hawkin's Zouaves at Antietam", Keith Rocco

American Zouave Units - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History The New York Hawkin's Zouaves at Antietam by Keith Rocco

How did the Irish gain acceptance as rightful American citizens alongside those who came before them during the Century? Answer: The Irish way. Check out The Irish Brigade Lithograph Series

1863 - Sound of the Guns - General Lee approaching Gettysburg

1863 - Sound of the Guns - General Lee approaching Gettysburg Flag of slavery support state

Soul of a Lion.  Joshua Chamberlain one of the great heros of the Civil War.  His actions probably saved this country.

Soul of a lion - Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Little Round Top - Gettysburg, PA - July 1863

Battle of Shenandoah

Bradley Schmehl The Grim Harvest of War Signed & Numbered Civil War Retail…

General Winfield Scott Hancock, commander of the Union Second Corps was trying to avert a disaster on the Union center. The exposed Third Corps was overrun and fleeing the battlefield, with the victorious Confederates in pursuit. This breakthrough opened an avenue to the Union rear that threatened the whole army. Hancock needed men to buy him time to bring reinforcements up to plug the gap in the Federal line. The general observed a body of men lying in a slight hollow, just behind the crest…

"The Last Full Measure" by Keith Rocco. The Minnesota Infantry make their desperate charge on Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg, July Though outnumbered 4 to 1 they managed to single-handedly drive back Wilcox's Confederate Brigade, suffering an casualty rate.