Jewel Jasmine: New Generation ~ Andrea Meier

ENGLISH: ----------- I decided to repeat the illustration "Jewel Jasmine" ([link]) with digital technics. *Original Character by DISNEY ----------------. Jewel Jasmine - New Generation I

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Though the plots in Disney films have certainly expanded over the past several years, the heart of a timeless Disney flick is still a classic love story. Can we guess your favorite Disney couple based off of these questions?

Aladdin and Jasmine Probably my favorite animated Disney cartoon.

ESPECIAL - Dia dos Namorados (Disney Kisses)

Aladdin & Jasmine. Aw they form hearts with their faces arms and aw


Unfortunately this outfit might have the shortest time on screen in Disney history but Jasmine's outfit is so pretty

Disney 30 Day Challenge Day #17: Favorite Eyes: I love Jasmine's eyes. They're so expressive. Followed by Cinderella/Belle/Rapunzel.

In the first pic Jasmine is so excited and hopefull but Aladdin is happy but scared her father might say no. In the second pic jasmine is really happy but Aladdin has just fallen in love with her all over again