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Need this chicken! !!!!!

Call It Magic

It's a Samba Chicken This is one fancy chicken.

просто животные – Сообщество – Google+

Polish chicken = for me they are rock n roll chickens hahaha😆😆😋

G+website posted by Chris love

Polish Silver-Laced Chicken for a full blooded Polish girl! Who knew there were Polish chickens. And soooo beautiful!


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¿Pero que es lo que es?

Buff laced polish chicken has spent a long time of her hair.

Chorei kkkkk

"Whipper" is a mutant parakeet with long curly feathers. His unusual appearance, long curly plumage, and vocalisations, which were caused by a genetic mutation made him famous in its home country New Zealand.

You think you're having a bad hair day?

Hi and welcome to the buff polish and laced contest! here you can enter your buffy birds, laced birds, and polished birds all in one contest!


Extraordinary Chickens & roosters, long off white tan feathers top of head

Frizzle Tolbunt Polish  Y yo pensaba que tenía problemas para peinarme en las mañanas!!!

I want the Fancy Bantams.

Big cock painting by numbers hand painted coloring by numbers on canvas for Living Room decor

Kafam dağınık bugün !

(Polish Chicken) Photo By Jeremy Blinkhorn. (A Nightmarish Bird)


Polish frizzle blue ((the Elvis Presley of chickens) for your new coop Logan

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Handsome Rooster by Connie Renee Fife

The colors of nature! -Rooster He looks like the colors of Autumn.