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The Holy Family Joos van Cleve (Netherlandish, Cleve ca. Antwerp) Date: ca. Medium: Oil on wood Dimensions: 16 x 12 in.

Africa | Erbore woman with child.  Southern Ethiopia | © Johan Gerrits

The Black Madonna and Child! (Woman and child from the Arbore tribe South Ethiopia)

Behold thy Mother and Holy Queen! Madonna and Baby Jesus Digital Art by Zorina Baldescu via beholdthymother


A womans body is a magical and complex piece of art, from the way our breast produces milk to nurture, to the way our bodies brings forth life, women are meant to be celebrated.

Armed Sandinista Rebel Breastfeeding. “Miliciana de Waswalito” . Nicaragua, 1984

"Miliciana de Waswalito," 1984 The photo was taken during the Sandinista Revolution, which was also known as the Contra War. Photo credit: Orlando Valenzuela — at Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

"Jesus, with His Parents, Going Down to Nazareth" -- by William Charles Thomas Dobson (1817 – 1898, English)

showmethe-monet: William Charles Thomas Dobson The Child Jesus Going Down with His Parents to Nazareth 1856

Paulus Moreelse (1571–1638) oil on canvas_1621_Het Loo Palace_Apeldoorn ___[Ernst Casimir 1.Count Nassau-Dietz*1573 +June 1632 killed by a bullet Siege of Roermond while inspecting  trenches]>In 1607 married #Sophia Hedwig of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, daughter of Elitabeth Denamark & Henry Julius (*1564 Hessen+1613 #Prague)Duc Brunswick-Lüneburg+Prince of Wolfenbüttel 1.rector of the Protestant University of Helmstedt-1576) _painted Sophie+3×sons : #Hendrik Casimir I. 2.Count of…

Paulus Moreelse oil on Loo Palace_Apeldoorn…