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Watch This Device Turn Coca-Cola Back Into Water - Popular Mechanics

Watch This Device Turn Coca-Cola Back Into Water

prostheticknowledge: “ The Real Thing Project by Helmut Smits is a machine that turns Coca Cola into water: “ L 50 cm W 70 cm H 165 cm A distilling installation that turns Coca-Cola back into clean.

Taihi: A Kitchen Composter with a Japanese Twist - Core77

Taihi rubbish bin turns kitchen waste into plant food using Japanese fermentation method

#topografo #topografia #landsurveyor #topographie #geomatic www.topografia.bgonavarro.es

NOAA's Historic Coast & Geodetic Survey (C) Collection Location: Florida, East coast Photo Date: 1934 Credit: C Season's Report Paton

By Kalle Mattsson

Buffalo Bill Gates, Hilariously Bizarre Portrait Mashups That Combine Two Pop Culture Figures

Star Wars Yoda mug, in Keep Calm and Carry on fashion reads, "Calm you shall keep and carry on you must. Yes. Hmmm."  I can read it in Yoda's voice. Be sure to repin this mug if you can, too!  #starwars #yoda #mugs

Calm You Shall Keep and Carry On You Must Coffee Mug -- Official Funny Guy Mugs& Product Green Calm You Must Keep)

FabClay; Sasha Jokic, Starsk Lara & Nasim Fashami (IAAC)

FabClay is project based on the idea of robotic additive manufacturing fabrication, innovative materials and computational tools. Through digital design process we are able to make complex shapes by simple rules that are emerging from mechanic performance

Belgique - dmvA architecten

Pharmacy Beele is located on the ground floor of a beautiful corner house in the shopping triangle of Mechelen.Typical of the shop premises.

New Zealander Joseph Herscher's Rube Goldberg Machines draw attention to the absurdity of many of our inventions. This  video features his breakout first machine which is simply wonderfully absurd, and won a competition by Cadbury Chocolate. It has had 2.5 million hits on youtube -  Creme That Egg! His parent's band, 'The Jews Brothers', provide the perfect accompaniment.

Joseph Herscher Creme That Egg! New Zealand, 2008 Chocolate-egg pulverizing device for those that want to get straight to the creamy filling. This was the machine that reawakened Joseph's childhood passion for making contraptions.

Design Academy Eindhoven Formafantasma - making the prep, cooking and display of food a theatrical centrepiece

From Triennale Design Museum, Studio Formafantasma, "Autarchy" installation Mixed media