La vita privata dei supereroi :)

The Secret Life of Heroes - Artist Greg Guillemin created a series called ‘Secret Hero Life‘ that shows superheroes, such Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, in their domestic lives doing not so extraordinary activities.

Boneface - Illustratore inglese dallo stile pop e splatter

Very nice illustrations of the artist Boneface on the theme of Super Heroes. A style that is both clean and trash, all in a colorful atmosphere.

Yes We Can

If a zombie ever ran for president this would be his campaign poster. Done in the art style of the famous obama poster. If a zombie ever had a slogan it's brains.


The Secret Life of Heroes by Grégoire Guillemin

the essentials

Could batman bring the pizza.that would be awesome! This is the perfect phone for ASH!

Superman and Batman

batman and spiderman finally team up. makes sense it's spiderman that needed the help, haha


Conan O'brien has dropped the Bat-tastic news that Warner Bros. is to release the 1966 Batman TV show, which starred Adam West as the Cam.

OMG!  Pop art

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Iron Man Pop-Art by iamherecozidraw

The Iron Man one I told you I'd be uploading. Thanks for looking, please comment Iron Man Pop-Art