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Earth Home Advantages and Disadvantages

Earth home advantages and disadvantages are discussed including the energy saving aspects as well the need for water-proofing during construction.

A great series of shots of the Lattenstrasse earth-sheltered house development

Earth House

A great series of shots of the Lattenstrasse(sp?) earth-sheltered house development Plus

Pipe under seating for heat

Casa feita somente com recursos naturais e gastando quase nada

Pool with a bottom designed to make it look like a city underwater, Wow!

Outdoor: Clever ad for HSBC by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai ad agency in India. The bank wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming, so the ad guys glued an aerial photo of a city's skyscrapers to the base of a swimming pool.

Waterfall house. Thi nature love

Waterfall house. Thi nature love - waterfallslove

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Umpqua Hot Springs Trail is a Natural Feature in Idleyld Park. Plan your road trip to Umpqua Hot Springs Trail in OR with Roadtrippers.

"'Another type of building is emerging: one that actually heals the scars of its own construction. It conserves rainwater and fuel and it provides a habitat for creatures other than the human one. Maybe it will catch on, maybe it won't. We'll see.' - Malcolm Wells, 2002. Read more & see more examples, here: http://www.inspirationgreen.com/earth-sheltered-homes.html "

These earth-sheltered homes are amazing! Evidently, there are two types of earth-sheltered buildings: Earth-Sheltered, which is where dirt covers three exterior sides and the roof (the walls are usually concrete); and Earth-Bermed, …

Tips to create secret garden room interiors                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Tips to create secret garden room interiors

There are three reasons you could be reading this article. 1: You do not yet have a pool, but wish to build one. 2: You already have a pool, and wish to compare your pool to the pools in these photos. 3. You have no pool, but enjoy torturing yourself by looking at pictures of other people's pools. If you fall into category 1 or 2, I can assure you that you will enjoy this post. But if you fall into category 3, then know this: this post was written especially for you. Crack open a beer, and..

20 of the Dreamiest Backyard Pools You'll Ever See

I love the functionality of this pool :) The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake — House Tour Apartment Therapy