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'It's always the librarian' by The 10 cent designer: Photographer Lori Andrews

WHAT!!! I must see this! Is this for real??

The epicness of this poster can’t be described…

The story behind this movie is so cool! An artist created this fake movie poster and it went viral. Disney found out about it and decided to actually make it and really cast Ryan Gosling as Walt Disney. Can't wait for it to come out!: please be real!

I watched this for the second time tonight, and I must say, it was even more moving the second time around. And that ending! Wow.

24 Unofficial Movie Posters That Are Better Than The Real Posters

Rum Diary... this has been in the works forever and its finally coming out!!!

'The Rum Diaries' poster: Johnny Depp shows 'The Hangover' boys how it's done

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