Great. Yet another reason to fear them.

Small Sleeping Spaces

Myth: gingers don't have souls. Fact: gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal. My ginger has no freckles

by Rajacenna, from the Netherlands

Drawings by 18 Years Old Artist Rajacenna

Januz Miralles PhotographyInspirationist | Inspirationist

Philippine artist Janus Miralles makes very beautiful abstract portraits by mixing photography and paint as a way to create.

Retratos con residuos de lápices de colores por Kyle Bean

these pencil shaving portraits were created by british designer kyle bean for the 'contributors' page of the 2011 handmade issue of wallpaper* design magazine.

Little dancer artwork.

Acrylic 2013 Painting "Ballerina" I would love to see if there's a collection for this, it would look so pretty in the girls room.

Leonor Fini

* Leonor Fini - La gardienne des sources // I have a gorgeous litho print of this piece in my house.

Watercolor in Painting

The Walk, Print Of Original Watercolor Painting city street scene city landscape archival print.

Emma Leonard is an illustrator based in Melbourne. She draws beautiful artworks of beautiful ladies with wonderful attention to detail. Her work is usually dabs of colour standing out of her fine-lined pencil work. From the intricacies of flower petals, to each strand of hair, Leonard’s drawings are superb works of art.

Emma Leonard: beautifully detailed drawings