Fun with AG Fan: Craft: Make Doll French Fries

Today I have a fun and easy food craft. We are going to make some doll french fries! I love french fries, and so do my.

DIY: American Girl Doll Food

Be inspired, save money and engage your creativity by making your own adorable American Girl Doll Food.

Serve Up Doll Size Ice Cream — Doll Diaries

I love the single serving size ice cream containers sold in the grocery store for doll play. To add more play value to the container I added my own clay ice cream.The container is such a great siz…

Toddler needs this for her AG doll!

Tangled Rapunzel Costume fits American Girl Dolls or Other 18 Inch Dolls

American Girl doll clothes 18 inch doll by Unendingtreasures, $12.00

American Girl doll clothes, 18 inch doll clothes, romper

chicken and steak with salad dinner for dolls

As the final part of our doll craft marathon this weekend I’d like to share with you a really easy Caesar Salad with grilled chicken and grilled steak that your dolls will love!

American girl doll clothes 2 items Tee & skirt by PurpleRoseNY2nd

American girl doll clothes 2 items ( Tee & skirt )

Win the American Girl doll - Win the Liberty Jane outfit! Woot woot! Enter the giveaway at Pixie Faire - ends 7-27

Mod Doll Monday, (July 20th - 27th, 2015) Who Models It Best?

Karen mom of three's craft blog: Summer fun doll play furniture from Madi Grace Designs!

The warm weather is upon us and it is time to take doll play outdoors! I am so happy to show you the new furniture from Madi Grace Design.

Doll Craft: Make Your Own Doll Breakfast Food

Doll Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Continuing with my doll food theme of the last three weeks I thought I would share some easy and fun doll breakfast ideas you can easily make wit…