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This relates to greed because the man in the picture is blinded by his greed. Similarly, Julius Caesar is blinded by his greed and takes dangerous actions to gain power.

kid friendly meme - Google Search

Funny pictures about Screw clowns. Oh, and cool pics about Screw clowns. Also, Screw clowns.

Greedy Bankers - Editorial Illustration by John Holcroft

British illustrator John Holcroft’s work is a fascinating mixture of retro-style illustrations combined with satirical commentary on modern-day society.

Campaigns spread word about Nike’s child labour and unethical practices, damaging their reputation and forcing them to repair it (Birch 2012). This graphic was part of those campaigns, campaigns which led Nike to repair their reputation with an emphasis on Workers rights (2012). The article attached shows how influential the average consumer can be.

How activism forced Nike to change its ethical game

There are many anti-Nike propaganda ads focusing on how Nike still uses sweatshops and encourages child labor.


Pour lutter contre le gaspillage alimentaire, cet hypermarché propose des buffets gratuits !

6 Simple Ways To Cut Down On Your Food Waste: According to the Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook, everything can be saved from the garbage—even sour milk.

Pawla Kuczynskiego

A crítica de Pawla Kuczynskiego

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski has worked in satirical illustration since These 29 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World - The Mirror Post

Une nouvelle sélection des illustrations de John Holcroft, qui porte un regard critique mais plein d’humour sur notre société et ses dérives. John Holcroft est un illustrateur anglais dont les illustrations au style très particulier sont publiées dans nombreux journaux et magazines, comme The Guardian ou The Economist.  Images © John Holcroft

Happiness Kit – 22 nouvelles illustrations satiriques de John Holcroft

John Holcroft The purpose is to provide vectors everyday modern life satirical manner. The works focus on our dependence on technology, human greed, access to health and many other topics.

Lost In Life?  People who took an indirect path to #success

Lost In Life - Infographic

Feeling lost in life? You're not alone. "Not all those who wander are lost. Tolkien Indirect path to success