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stevemccurrystudios: Colazione Tè che è passato tra le auto sul treno tra Peshawar e Lahore in Pakistan.  Steve McCurry

Breakfast Tea being passed between cars on the railway between Peshawar and Lahore, Pakistan, National Geographic, June By Rail Across the Indian Subcontinent. By Steve McCurry Pakistan

Vertigo Inducing Selfies by Russian Photographer  Nineteen year old Russian daredevil Alexander Remnev and his group of thrill-seekers like to hang out from the top of tall buildings. Once they are at the top, Remnew will whisk out a camera attached to a long pole and take selfies of their accomplishments. Remnev’s stomach churning photos show him and his friends dangling precariously at astonishing heights, sometimes holding on to the ledge or some structure with a single hand.

A RUSSIAN daredevil has captured a vertigo-inducing selfie - while standing on top of a Dubai skyscraper. Nineteen-year-old Alexander Remnev.

Fun for the whole family.

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After clearing the 80 or so speed bumps on the road we came to a small village on our way to Murchison Falls NP. That is where we saw this guy on his bike full with Pineapples tied together with old inner tube tire strips. Perfectly balanced as we saw him go for a fruit stall. Probably to offload at the market stand.

Uganda has the best pineapple in the world! Pineapple bike: A man carries pineapples on his bicycle to offload at the market, Kampala, Uganda. (Photography by rob gipman)

Ein Mann transportiert Enten auf einem Motorrad zu einem Markt in der Provinz Nam Ha, außerhalb Hanoi, China.

A man transports ducks on a motorcycle to a market in Nam Ha province, outside Hanoi May (Photo by Reuters/Kham)

((CLOSE FOR NOW Jaxx: I zip up my duffle bag and swing it around my shoulder then hoist myself up and out of the camp." I look at them and Deryck nods (Beauty Landscapes Green)


I love this photograph of vibrant sarees scattered across the stairs of the Ahilya temple in Maheshwar, India. Captured by photographer Eli Shams, the contrast of old stonework and drops of rich colour create one smashing palette.