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Sugar Skull Handbag Purse My Original Digital Painting

My funky abstract digital painting of a sugar skull makes this lovely handbag a funky work of art!My painting is printed on silky polyester using dye sublimation process for bright, clear printing!

1/2cup flour, 1/2cup salt, 1/4cup water  Bake at 100* for 3 hours  After you mix the ingredients together, it is simply a dough. Roll it out and shape it how you would like. Then put your handprint, footprint, etc! Any design you would like. Next, poke a hole into it using a nail, toothpick, etc where you would like to hang it. Next, put in the oven to dry and then paint

Mommy and me handprint plaque. I absolutely love this! It is adorable! c salt c flour c water ( give or take ) mix together, roll, press adults hand in first, then childs hand bake @ 100 degrees for 3 hours Paint desired colors.

Ice Cream Dough from Growing A Jeweled Rose- feels just like ice cream and smells AMAZING!!! It's cold too and costs less than one dollar to make

Ice Cream Dough -- Baking Soda Water Kool-aid, frosting powder, spice, or extract of your choice Food coloring if extra color is desired

DIY bubble-ships inspired by the movie Home. Sponsored by DreamWorks.

DIY bubble-ships inspired by the movie Home. Sponsored by DreamWorks.

super simple makeup on this one, and it totally works!

Calavera Makeup Sugar Skull Ideas for Women are hot Halloween makeup look.Sugar Skulls, Día de los Muertos celebrates the skull images and Calavera created exactly in this style for Halloween.

Vendimia Belleza by Daniel Esparza Tattooed Woman Canvas Art Print – moodswingsonthenet

Vendimia Belleza Daniel Esparza Sugar Skull Mexican Giclee Art Print

Tattoo art print "Vendimia Belleza " by Daniel Esparza. Words from Daniel Esparza: “I’m Mexican and my family is really into anything that has to do with Mexican culture. It just seemed right that my art would reflect my culture.

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Check Out 23 Best Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Ideas. Sugar skull makeup is everywhere around Dia de los Muertos, and the skill and work involved in creating many of these looks is mind-blowing.