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The Milky Way’s closest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, is shown here in a colorful image that looks more like a UFO than a cluster of hundreds of billions of stars.

Mysterious Stars Surround Andromeda's Black Hole - Credit: © 2002 R. Gendler, Photo by R. GendlerThe Andromeda Galaxy photographed with a telescope by amateur astronomer Robert Gendler. How beautiful.

Rosette Nebula by Don Goldman (APOD March 11, 2014) | PlaneWave Instruments

In the heart of the Rosette Nebula lies a bright open cluster of stars that lights up the nebula. The stars of NGC 2244 formed from the surrounding gas only a few million years ago.


NGC The 'Fireworks Galaxy' NGC 6946 is a medium-sized, face-on spiral galaxy about 22 million light years away from Earth. In the past century, eight supernovas have been observed to explode in the arms of this galaxy.


Witch's Broom Nebula The Whirlpool Galaxy Image Credit & Copyright: Marco Burali, Tiziano Capecchi, Marco Mancini (Osservatorio MTM) Fo.


Gorgeous color in the Milly Way and good beta on the photo <-- Is that another galaxy?