June 6, 1991: Diana Princess Of Wales Opened A New Day Hospital And Family Health   /   Cardiff, Wales 30 June 1993

June Diana Princess Of Wales Opened A New Day Hospital And Family Health / Cardiff, Wales 30 June 1993

November 7, 1995: Princess Diana during her visit to the Liverpool Women's Hospital in Liverpool.

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April Princess Diana in Florence visiting the Duomo, the church of Santa Croce the Uffizi Art Gallery where she admires Botticelli's painting "The Birth of Venus" during the Royal Tour of Italy.

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Diana, Princess Of Wales, Visiting The Royal Brompton Hostpital To Meet Young Cystic Fibrosis Sufferers. Princess Diana Is Wearing A Pale Blue Suit Designed By Versace. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

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Prince Harry, Prince William, Princess Diana on the first day of school! Harry looks to William for a bit of confidence perhaps. It is his very first day of school after all!

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That Dior bag!

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March 28 Princess Diana lunches wiht Raine Spencer, her stepmother at The Connaught Grill in London.

Princess Diana au the Mortimer Market Centre,Le 27 Juin 1996  _ Suite

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June Princess Diana visited the Mortimer Market Centre (HIV/AIDS clinic) in London after a briefing by the National Aids Trust.

February 28, 1995: Diana Princess Of Wales Visiting Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children In London. She Is Wearing A Pale Blue Louis Feraud Boucle Suit.. Princess Diana also wore this outfit, but with more strings of pearls when she visited the Umeda Akebone School In Tokyo, Japan.

On February in 1995 Princess Diana made a visit to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London.

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19 March Diana, Princess of Wales at "Alice in Wonderland," English National Ballet, Coliseum in London.

Diana Brazil -1994-

Diana Brazil Date or place on route to questionable? Could be correct, I think there is a video that shows Diana also went to Brazil

Diana in broad shoulders!

Browse Princess Diana at Federation Cup Tennis Ceremonies - July 1991 latest photos. View images and find out more about Princess Diana at Federation Cup Tennis Ceremonies - July 1991 at Getty Images.

Princess Diana's parents, Earl Spencer with Frances Shand Kydd at their wedding in 1954.    AmosEvents.com

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Princess Diana's parents, Earl Spencer, Viscount Althorp with Frances Ruth Rothe at their wedding in 1954