An interior from Weissenhof house by Pierre Jeanneret & Le Corbusier, Stuttgart, 1927

Try This: A Little Color on the Ceiling | Apartment Therapy

Try This: A Little Color on the Ceiling

Who knew white, wood, and a true green make such a great color combo? The metallic light fixture and sketch portrait certainly don't hurt, either. From "Best Painted Ceilings Inspiration

A. Marcante – A. Testa

I love the pastel tangerine and light minty fresh combination. Marcante Testa, Le temps Retrouvé in Milan

Check it out!

Check it out!

Una casa dai colori autunnai

Great color combination: We love the modest green wall of this living room. It's a perfect match to the comfortable grey couch with a bunch of pillows and this neutral carpet. Great eyecatcher: a beautiful lamp in shape of a light bulb and a white RAR roc

nick frank

It's no wonder Munich based photographer Nick Frank favors shooting urban architecture. He does it so well. His perspective on the facade of Mira, a local shopping center, has enhanced the colors and geometric structure so beautifully and brilliantly.

Spunti di Design | Lancia TrendVisions

Color Morphology, photo shoot of hand colored fruits for a small installation project. The color of the guilt is changed but still echoed in the surrounding space !

На кухне очень интересно выполнены встроенные шкафы.  (фасад,архитектура,дизайн,экстерьер,интерьер,дизайн интерьера,квартиры,апартаменты,конструктивизм,Ле Корбюзье,Франция,Париж,кухня,дизайн кухни,интерьер кухни,кухонная мебель,мебель для кухни) .

Квартира-студия Ле Корбюзье, Париж, Франция

Fondation Le Corbusier - Le Corbusier' s Studio-Apartment - Visits of studio-apartment Le Corbusier Closed from Monday 12 august 2013 to Sunday, August 2013 inclusive.

Officefordesign : W-box, a wooden box modular system with a style that goes back to the fifties.

Officefordesign : W-box, a wooden box modular system with a style that goes back to the fifties. just like the others except they kept the original colors of all the mixed up boxes and drawers and shelves!

<p>Berlin has a new deli in town and its not your ordinary Jewish Deli.”Louis Pretty” is the brainchild of the gastronomic trio of Oskar Melzer (co-founder of Mogg & Melzer), James Ard

Not Your Ordinary Jewish Deli

Designed by Oskar Melzer, Phillip Mainzer and Paul Bauer, Louis Pretty Deli in Berlin is inspired by David Hockney and Palm Springs modernism.