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La luce di Roma

Best In Project Photo of the Day

Dishes -  SEE 'DOODLE' BOARDS FOR OTHER IDEAS........ draw with sharpie - bake (see online for directions for time and temp - this is just a 'think tank' moment.....)

Flora Chang - Happy Doodle Land wooden bowls with line art hand drawn illustration

dog brooches by scientificculture, via Flickr

felt dog pins--cut out little beards on them to personalize them into our schnauzer sweeties!

Not professionally looking but with my cable ties organized I feel infinitely powerfull :)  Made from 40 mm plastic pipe, the pipes measure 70, 120,170 and 220 mm respectively  The holes in front are matched in the back where its screwed onto a pieces of scrapwood to which the bottom is screwed. If I were to do it again I think I would go for 50 mm pipe.  This is just my homebrewed version of a product you can buy - I saw my local bicycle repair shop guy have one and figured I could make…

Clever Cable Tie Organizer Made from PVC Pipe. We use zip ties for everything, but we can never find them! Discover other ways to use PVC pipe. An excellent organizer tool

Lymantriine Moth (Cispia cf. venosa, Lymantriinae, Erebidae) Pu’er, Yunnan, China

Lymantriine Moth (Cispia cf. venosa, Lymantriinae, Erebidae) Pu’er, Yunnan, China

This is a fantastic North Pole village display piece made especially for Holly. If youd like one of your own, check out my flickr page:

Custom North Pole platform for Holly