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Piccoli segreti per Fimo e Cernit - YouTube

Hidden on each of your apartment properties is a top secret marketing weapon that can help in your never ending battle to improve resident retention: your maintenance staff.

Metis, Sekameht, Athena, Bast, Nora, Nyx, Nott, Sif, Miriam, Eris, Seren, Anna, Michael/Michelle, Mars Bars, Jenny, Abbie, Nike, McGee, Amelia, Melusina, Bath Kol, Isla, Aria, Thistle, Wren, Farryn, Ebn, Nya, Rogue, Kila, Zara, Annora, Elise, Elara, Evelyn/Evan, Eremiel, Jörmugandr, Miró, Cosima

Val usually didn't get physical, but when she did, you better expect to have your front teeth knocked out and your nose broken. She didn't mess around, especially when protecting her own dignity and the well being of her friends.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

Sure, it's puzzling how a man flew from England and entered Spain with his girlfriend’s passport. But that doesn’t mean you can get away with carrying the wrong documents.

Bioshock: Burial at Sea - Elizabeth by Sofia Letyago - Album on Imgur

Bioshock: Burial at Sea - Elizabeth by Sofia Letyago

Dr Pepper Soda Neon Sign Real Neon Light

Dr Pepper Soda Neon Sign Real Neon Light

6] I'm rly superstitious in a weird way. 13 and 6 are lucky, 7, 4, 12 are unlucky, black cats are lucky, pulling out silver hairs at a young age is unlucky, ghosts are deFinitely real, certain psychics and clarvoyants are real, etc. (most of these have ba

Jacob's spirit animal is an overexcited little chocolate Labrador puppy, whose feet are too big for its body.

Seems simple, right? But you know those people who just need a reminder. 2.5x2.5 inch patch!

Being Nice Is Cool Patch