Norman Rockwell: talk about a picture being worth a thousand words....

Breaking Home Ties, the Classic Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Favorite from September 1954

1965 - astronauts - by Norman Rockwell | by x-ray delta one

'Grissom and Young' by Norman Rockwell, 1965 Astronauts John Young and Gus Grissom are suited for the first flight of the Gemini program in March NASA loaned Norman Rockwell a Gemini spacesuit in order to make this painting as accurate as possible.

Galería de obras del pintor Alexander Sharpe Ross - Gallery of works of the painter Alexander Sharpe Ross

The Dugout (September 4, 1948) The Saturday Evening Post by Norman Rockwell

How Norman Rockwell used photography to create his iconic paintings

Willie's Rope Trick  June 26, 1943

Norman Rockwell - Willie Gillis: Cats Cradle, June The Saturday Evening Post

Saturday Evening Post - 1934-05-19: "Bargaining with Antique Dealer" (Norman Rockwell)

"Bargaining with Antique Dealer," Saturday Evening Post Cover, May Drawn by Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) - "Good Friends" - Oil on canvas -

It’s a Dog’s Life: Norman Rockwell Paints Man’s Best Friend. A Saturday Evening Post Cover.