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Like the button front knotted vest - Vintage mens knitting fashion. Beyers Handarbeit und Wäsche 1955 (image scanned by Magdorable)

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The belted sweater might have ended up becoming a fashion craze, but it all began with this man, Jacques Stromboli, a man so sexy sexy that his clothes were known to spontaneously fall off. And so he was forced to belt his sweaters as extra protection.

jardin des modes, december 1968

Jardin des Modes December 1968 Chair by Roche et Bobois, handbag by Dofan egg yellow black dress model magazine

Typical suit from the mid 1960s.

Men wore suits that still had not changed that much. Later in the decade, men wore colored suits with large checks or prints on them. 3 inch ties were created by Ralph Lauren in 1967 and became popular.