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I wish you were here

The one person I wish was here isn't. she is the only one that doesn't understand what true family love is. I hate family fights!

Make 5 Let's essential in your life | FORUM

Make 5 Let's essential in your life

we were meant to be supposed to be but we lost it, all of our memories so close to me just fade away, all this time you were pretending so much for my happy ending..

We were supposed to be together forever.you weren't suppose to leave me.

Why should I care about what other people think of me?

Subsonica - Sherwood 2012

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Honestly, I remember when me and ashley used to talk 24/7. Miss that shit.

Suicide is not the answer, but it's also not cowardly. Treating people so badly they would want to end their life is cowardly.