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It turns out mirrors are useful for more than just touching up your makeup: Light bounces off the reflective surfaces and helps make rooms appear bigger. So even if you can only fit in a mini mirror (like the one on the hanging shelf in this bathroom) it makes a big difference. See more at Maison de Pax »   - HouseBeautiful.com

25 Decor Ideas That Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

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This is an A4 (29.7 x 21 cm) inkjet print of my original Jackalopes of the World illustration, from my Jackalopia zine.  The Jackalopia zine

This is an x 21 cm) inkjet print of my original Jackalopes of the World illustration, from my Jackalopia zine. The Jackalopia zine explores the many different species of jackalope that have adapted to live in different climates all around the wor

From the colors chosen for the home to those in advertisements -- it's The Psychology of Color infographic found on National Geographic Daily News

Psychology of Color [Infographic] - ever wonder why dining rooms tend to be red and kitchens yellow? This infographic explains the psychology beneath popular home paint color choices!

See the colors of #India with #smarTours!! http://www.smartours.com/tour/india-nepal/ smarTours

The colors of India are a great inspiration for me in my work. Spices, silk fabrics, inlaid furniture have been making its way into our culture for centuries.

Exhibiting a natural spectrum of color found within one entity, this photograph of ocean water shows the hue of blueish-gray and its various intensities/luminance.

Your Lucky Color For 2016 According To Your Zodiac Sign

I love how the blue and grey corresponed in the waves. i also love how they layered the colour schemes onto of this photo to add a cool effect.

Have your own HOLI ONE Festival.  Being Rocket dust proof, it´s perfect to make it the dj set of any coloured dust festival :)

India: Travel Tips & Advice: Guide to India

Holi festival of colour in India, it's in my bucket list to visit! I had opportunity to participate of a holy festival at Australia. I hope I will go in the real one, at India!

জানি না কেন করি আকাশে তোমার সাথে চাউনি বদল.. আজ বিকেলের বৃষ্টিতেও কেমন এক ছন্দ ছিল.. মেঘ যেন গুড়ুগুড়ু স্বরে গাইছিলো কোন ঈমনের রাগ.. ঝিরঝির করে বাতাস বৃষ্টির গন্ধ নিয়ে তোমায় মনে করিয়ে দিচ্ছিলো.. হাত বাড়িয়ে বাদরও ধারায় অনুভব করছিলাম তোমার স্পর্শের.. এই ভেবে ভেবেই সমস্ত বিকেলের বরষণ সন্ধ্যা আকাশ তোমার গায়ের রং নিলো.. আর রাত নামলো তোমার চোখের গভীরতায়..

Color Horoscope and Color Meanings

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