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Letting toxic people go is not an act of cruelty. It’s an act of self care. beating negativity, getting rid of negativity

Letting toxic people go is not an act of cruelty. It's an act of self care.

It's not selfish to do what is best for you.

It's not selfish to do what is best for you Self care and self love Famous Quotes For Success

If they claim to be following God and yet criticize, try to control, and yell in your face, and then never apologize, there is definitely a problem and they do not need a place in your life. Respect is required in a relationship. No respect = No relationship.

Get rid of the toxic negativity.don't allow sick people to hurt you. Sick people hurt others. Set your boundaries! They need to heal themselves instead of hurting others. Let them go.so glad I've rid my life of the nastiness & the crazies!

You are not everyone's cup of tea.

The importance of understanding none of us are "Everyones Cup of Tea". And you know what, that's absolutely fine. Our personality traits & interests often draw up to our tribe. Don't waste time, trying to bend yours

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Detox Your Life in 4 Easy Steps.

Detox your life Detox your life in 4 easy steps: Get rid of anyone who: Lies to you. Disrespects you. Puts you down. -had to detox from Chipotle

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My dream is to work for Goldman Sachs, start out in SLC location and transfer to Wall Street. Having Evan made me want that even more. I want him to have that silver spoon so badly