The fate of the Ponds. This is tragically beautiful.

The Ponds from childhood to grave~ Amy, Rory, and Melody❤️

Not that this is stopping people from looking to the future. | The Internet Has Feelings About "The Day Of The Doctor"

The idea that I could share this not only with my grandparents who were my age when the show first started but also potentially share with my grandchildren brings tears to my eyes. I for one can't wait for the anniversary

Fandoms, Fandom

I wasn't ready to let you go....

I am not ashamed to say that I cried really hard. I cried more than for David's regeneration. Please, Raggedy Man, come back. It wasn't your time quite yet. *reaches out for hug*

YESYESYESYESYES. They each had a different, but significant role in his life!

"His lover - Rose Tyler; His support - Martha Jones; His friend - Donna Noble; His Family - Amy Pond

The first and last time the Doctor felt the crack in the wall.

Eleven - First and Last, In his first episode and his last he ends up back at the crack in the wall and each time he is willing to sacrifice everything to save the earth the only difference between the first and the last time is he DID.

Doctor Who

SUCH an epic moment! Amy at her finest and most motherly =] Loved, loved, LOVED this moment!

It is impossible for me to watch this episode without bawling like a baby

It is impossible for me to watch this episode without bawling like a baby. If you didn't cry in doomsday you are a cyberman (no emotions)

Doctor Who | The Time of The Doctor -- Behind the Scenes - Matt just filmed last scene

"All good things come to and end, and, I just feel quite sad.

At this point, there was pretty much uncontrollable sobbing on my side of the screen.-> I'm uncontrollable sobbing in front of my laptop.

...and this is precisely the point at which I completely lost it.